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In Frisco, TX, Natural Focus Dental proudly offer the advanced Oligoscan technology. Dive Deeper into Your Health by Knowing Your Mineral, Vitamin, and Heavy Metal Levels for Optimal Wellness!

Uncover Your Health: Experience Advanced Mineral and Heavy Metal assessment with OligoScan


Elevating Your Wellness, One OligoScan at a Time!


When it comes to advanced mineral and heavy metal assessment, Natural Focus Dental is now offering a a non-invasive procedure with Oligoscan technology.

Oligoscan offers a contemporary benchmark for assessing your body's mineral, vitamin, and heavy metal levels. This innovative technology provides immediate results through a simple, non-invasive procedure, giving you valuable insights to help determine if your current health plan, including diet and supplements, is effective or needs adjustment.

Oligoscan is an assessment tool and not a replacement for traditional diagnostic blood work. It complements conventional methods by offering real-time data to help optimize your health.

Experience a new era of health assessment with Oligoscan at Natural Focus Dental, and gain valuable insights for your optimal wellness.

Ready to Gain Valuable Insights into Your Health with OligoScan?

You might be wondering if it's time to assess your body's mineral and heavy metal levels. Perhaps you're looking to optimize your diet, supplements, and overall wellness plan, or you've been experiencing unexplained symptoms that might be linked to nutritional imbalances.

Is OligoScan Right for You?

While traditional blood and urine tests provide important diagnostic information, OligoScan offers a non-invasive, immediate assessment of your body's mineral, vitamin, and heavy metal levels. At Natural Focus Dental, we understand the importance of comprehensive health insights and are here to help you achieve your wellness goals. We also recognize that each individual’s needs are unique, and a thorough understanding of your nutritional status can be crucial.

What is OligoScan?

OligoScan is an advanced technology that measures the levels of minerals and heavy metals in your body’s tissues. This tool provides real-time data that can be instrumental in fine-tuning your health plan. Here are some of the benefits of OligoScan at our Frisco, TX dental practice:

  • Immediate results with no waiting for lab tests

  • Non-invasive procedure for your comfort

  • Comprehensive assessment to guide your dietary and supplement choices

  • Valuable insights to determine if your current health plan is effective or needs adjustment

At Natural Focus Dental, we employ the latest and most advanced techniques and equipment to ensure your safety and well-being. OligoScan is an assessment tool, not a replacement for traditional diagnostic blood work, but it offers a complementary approach to optimizing your health.

Experience the difference with OligoScan at Natural Focus Dental and take the next step towards optimal wellness.

How Does OligoScan Technology Work?

OligoScan uses advanced spectrophotometry to assess the levels of essential minerals and heavy metals in your tissues. Each element in your body reflects and absorbs light at unique wavelengths. By analyzing the light spectra, OligoScan can precisely measure the concentration of these elements, providing you with immediate and accurate results.

This non-invasive procedure involves simply placing the OligoScan device against your skin to capture the light spectra. The entire process is quick and painless, offering you a comprehensive overview of your nutritional status without the need for blood or urine samples.

How Often Should You Use OligoScan?

For those undergoing lifestyle modifications, improvement plans, or detox programs, we recommend an OligoScan assessment after implementation. This frequency aligns seamlessly with your dental recall appointments, making it convenient to monitor and adjust your health plan as needed. Regular assessments ensure that your efforts are on track and allow for timely adjustments to optimize your wellness journey.

Experience the benefits of OligoScan at Natural Focus Dental and take proactive steps towards maintaining and enhancing your health.

"Transforming Your Dental Journey with a Holistic Approach"

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