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In Frisco, TX, Enhance your child's peaceful nights and support their healthy growth through our caring approach. Embrace a brighter, healthier future with our dedicated care!"

Sweet Dreams, Healthy Growth: Pediatric Sleep and Functional Orthodontic Therapy

Pediatric Sleep & Functional Orthodontics

Optimizing Oral Spaces, One Smile at a Time!

Pediatric Sleep & Functional Orthodontics

When it comes to dental orthodontic services, the past was dominated by traditional braces primarily focused on straightening teeth. However, there has been a paradigm shift. Our functional orthodontic strategy transcends mere alignment, delving into the root causes of misalignment while prioritizing holistic health, including the promotion of restful sleep and beyond.

Nowadays, our approach adopts a collaborative team effort in orthodontics, placing a strong emphasis on comprehensive well-being and guiding the natural growth of teeth. Extractions are minimized, allowing each tooth to find its rightful place and contributing to a naturally aligned and fully functional bite. Experience the evolution of orthodontic care with our holistic approach—one that seamlessly integrates peaceful sleep with a radiant smile. Welcome to a new era in orthodontics.

Wondering how dental orthodontics, along with myofunctional therapy, can improve your child's sleep?

Dental orthodontics, coupled with exercises, plays a pivotal role in enhancing sleep quality. By addressing concerns like tongue space and palate width, orthodontic interventions create an optimal environment for proper tongue posture. This positively influences breathing patterns, reducing the likelihood of airway restrictions that can contribute to sleep disturbances. It's like giving the tongue its own cozy room for a good night's sleep. Combine this with exercises that strengthen mouth muscles, and you've got the perfect recipe for peaceful nights and bright mornings. Dive into the world of dental expansion therapy and exercises—where every smile is a dream come true!

Why Choose Functional Orthodontics?

Holistic Approach: We consider the interconnectedness of your oral health with your overall well-being, providing comprehensive care.

Personalized Treatment Plans: Our team tailors treatment plans to your unique needs, ensuring effective and targeted interventions.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Natural Focus Dental incorporates the latest advancements in functional orthodontics with myofunctional guidance for superior outcomes.

Collaborative Care: Our dental, myofunctional therapy teams, along with therapists and bodyworkers, work hand in hand to provide integrated solutions, addressing the root causes of oral health issues.

Remote Progress Tracking: With advanced tools, track your progress from the comfort of your home, minimizing trips to the dentist's office and maximizing convenience.

Embark on a journey to a harmonious and naturally aligned smile with Functional Orthodontics and Myofunctional Therapy at Natural Focus Dental. Experience dental care that goes beyond aesthetics—care that nurtures your overall health and well-being.

What tools or tests can be used for sleep and dental airway screening?

At Natural Focus Dental, we utilizes advanced tools and tests for comprehensive sleep and dental airway screening.

SnorLab Phone App for Screening: Our screening process includes the use of SnorLab, a user-friendly phone app that provides initial assessments of snoring patterns and potential sleep issues.

Home Sleep Study: Experience the convenience of a home sleep study, allowing you to monitor sleep patterns and gather valuable insights without leaving your home.

Dental CBCT for Upper Airway Space: For the upper airway space analysis, we employ Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) with a focus on minimizing radiation exposure. . This technology enables us to visualize and assess anatomical structures crucial for understanding sleep and airway health.

"Transforming Your Dental Journey with a Holistic Approach"

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