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Natural Focus Oral Care Recommendations

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At Natural Focus Dent, we believe that achieving optimal health starts with excellent dental care.
Our Product Recommendations page is designed to help you find the best products to support your holistic oral health journey. We meticulously review the market and ingredients to ensure we provide you with the safer and effective dental health products. This page will be updated regularly, keeping you informed of the latest and best options available.
 Smile Naturally, Thrive Holistically

Dr.JEN - 10% Nano-Hydroxyapatite

Discover Dr. Jen Toothpaste, infused with 10% hydroxyapatite for natural enamel remineralization. Kid-approved taste for a delightful brushing experience with every brush, promoting strong, healthy teeth.
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Lumineux Teeth Whitening

Lumineux Teeth Whitening offers a natural, non-toxic whitening solution free from fluoride, alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), and hydrogen peroxide, utilizing Dead Sea salt, aloe vera, coconut oil, and essential oils to gently and effectively brighten teeth while supporting overall oral health.

ProBiora Kids

ProBiora Kid is a probiotic specifically formulated for children's oral health, designed to prevent cavities by targeting harmful bacteria in the mouth, unlike other probiotics that focus on gut health. By promoting a healthy balance of oral bacteria, ProBiora Kid helps maintain dental health and reduce the risk of cavities in children.


purO3 provides fully ozonated organic oil, No Preservatives, No stabilizers, Made in the USA.
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REMastered Myo-Nozzle

Discover the REMasteredSleep bottle. Use it to enhance myofunctional exercise effortlessly. Ideal for improving airway health, reducing snoring, and supporting proper tongue posture from childhood through adulthood.

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Spot Pal

Elevate myofunctional guidance with SpotPal, designed to promote proper tongue resting posture and discourage oral habits like tongue thrusting and non-nutritive sucking


ZeoCharge provides natural zeolite-based products that detoxify heavy metals, balance minerals, and improve vitamin absorption, offering dental patients a gentle and effective way to enhance overall health. Use Code: NaturalFocusDental to save 10% on your order!

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