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Smile Naturally, Thrive Holistically
Smiles for All Ages: Pediatric & Family Holistic Approach

Welcome to

Natural Focus Dental

Our mission goes beyond conventional dentistry. We are dedicated to uncovering the underlying causes of dental issues rather than merely offering quick fixes. Our primary focus is on airway-driven, and biological friendly dentistry to ensure your smile is truly exceptional.

Our Differences

Our passion for pediatric dentistry is matched by our love for families. Our commitment extends beyond individual smiles, encompassing your entire family as a single unit. We emphasize the importance of healthy habits, balanced diets, and nurturing smiles that radiate well-being, all under one roof. We practice mercury and fluoride-free dentistry to ensure the safety and beauty of your family's smiles.

Pediatric And

Family Focus

Radiant Smiles for Everyone

Your oral health is a reflection of your overall well-being. Our commitment to functional dentistry means we consider the big picture. Your teeth aren't just pearly whites; they are integral to your gut, heart, and brain health. Our root-cause philosophy allows us to use your mouth as a diagnostic tool for your whole body. We believe in prevention, not just intervention.

Functional Dentistry

Elevating Whole-Body Health

We understand that your child's growth and development are your top priorities. Our innovative approach to address oral restriction and functional orthodontics aims to help your child achieve naturally aligned teeth. We prioritize guiding their face and jaws, ensuring that braces are considered only when truly necessary, preserving the integrity of their natural growth process.

Guiding Growth

Natural Development for Children

We are steadfast in minimizing exposure to toxic substances. Our dedication to your well-being is evident in our use of BPA-free composite materials and sealants. Your health and safety are at the forefront of every decision we make.


Toxic Exposure

Your Safety Matters

In our commitment to holistic dentistry, we prioritize your overall health and well-being. We have taken conscious steps to embrace health-focused dental practices. This includes using BPA-free dental composites filling, fluoride-free remineralization, ozonated water, and laser therapy to provide the best and safest care possible.

Natural Holistic Dentistry

Explore the benefits of SMART certification, learn about your post-amalgam filling options, and discover how you can achieve a healthier, more radiant smile. Don't miss our Toxic & Essential Hair Elements Test, a vital tool in assessing your overall health. Transforming Smiles, the Toxic-Free, Natural Approach - that's SMART Dentistry at its best.

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

Caring for your little one's oral health is a collaborative effort at our practice, where we aim to elevate the feeding experience. Our approach is holistic, emphasizing both their immediate well-being and their long-term health and overall development. We work together as a team to ensure that your child receives the best care possible, focusing on enhancing their feeding journey and fostering their well-being

Infant Tongue Tie & Lip Tie

Embark on a transformative journey to elevate not just the smile but also the sleep quality and overall well-being. Our focus is not only on achieving a naturally aligned smile but also on addressing crucial factors that impact your sleep and airway health. Welcome to a space where your dental journey intertwines seamlessly with improved sleep, optimal tongue posture, and holistic oral health. 

Pediatric Sleep &
Functional Orthodontics

Discover the future of dental implants with our metal-free innovations with holistic protocol. We offer complete metal-free restoration for patients with sensitivities and allergies, providing a superior alternative. These metal-free implants demonstrate low bacterial plaque adhesion, significantly reducing the risk of gum diseases and associated health issues.

Metal Free Dental Implant

Discover a transformative approach to dental care that goes beyond conventional methods. Ozone therapy, coupled with regenerative techniques, brings a new era in dental care—one that prioritizes your well-being, minimizes invasiveness, and harnesses the body's innate healing powers. Join us on a journey where dental care becomes a holistic and regenerative experience, fostering not only a radiant smile but also overall health and wellness.

Ozone & Regenerative Dentistry

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Our Services

Our journey began in 2017 as Molar Bear Family Dental, dedicated to delivering exceptional family dentistry in Frisco. Since then, we've transformed into Natural Focus Dental, driven by a vision of positive change. Our unwavering dedication to advancing the principles of functional integrated dentistry has set a new benchmark.

Natural Focus Dental:

Your Holistic Dental Home

About Us

Reimagining Dentistry for Every Generation

At Natural Focus Dental, our purpose is simple yet profound: to bring smiles to every generation through a distinctive approach. We target the root causes of dental issues, guide natural growth, and minimize toxins, all with a focus on comprehensive well-being.

Your Wellness is Our Priority

Our friendly and passionate team is more than just dental professionals; we're your partners in achieving overall health. We are here to provide you with a personalized dental experience that redefines dentistry as you know it.

In Natural Focus Dental, We prioritize your health and safety, ensuring that every visit contributes to your well-being and leaves you with a brighter smile.

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Happy Patients

Hear what our patients have to say about us

Alli V.

From the moment we walked in to the office everything was calm and very kid friendly! I have severe dental anxiety from a previous bad experience and the office staff did everything to ease my anxiety! I will 1000000% be back with the ENTIRE family! Hubby actually scheduled his appointment as we were leaving, he was so impressed! I truly believe we found the perfect dentist for our family!

Tricia O.

As a medical doctor who practices functional medicine, I have searched for a biologic dentist for my family so that we can include our dental care in the mind-body-spirit approach we are committed to for overall health. We are so happy to have found Dr Wang and her fantastic staff to take care of us! Scheduling was super easy, the office is welcoming to both children and adults, and staff are organized, helpful, and cheerful. Dr Wang was great with my girls and Andrea, the hygienist, was WONDERFUL! We are in great hands! Frisco is fortunate to have such a well-trained dentist right here in our community.

Mary G.

We love Molar Bear Family Dental! Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else for our dental care. The staff is absolutely amazing. Dr. Wang is so good with the kids as is the rest of the staff. We greatly appreciate that Dr. Wang always takes the least invasive method in tackling any issues and does such a great job educating us on how we can positively affect our dental health. We are a holistically minded family and appreciate that it is a holistically minded practice that fits with our approach to health. Molar Bear Dental is the best!

Crystal D.

Incredibly sweet, holistic dentist! Dr. Wang is very passionate and takes a full body approach. We have had a wonderful experience with her and all of her staff. She performed my 1 week old daughters lip and tongue tie revision

Angela P.

Dr Wang and her staff are phenomenal! So much so that we drive 45mins+ one way to see her. Their holistic, whole body approach to treatment is a rare gem and I’m so grateful we found her! She is patient, helpful and great with kids. The office is very calming and a nice change from typical dentist offices. I can’t recommend Molar Bear Dental enough.


Dr. Wang has been a great dentist for me, my toddler, and my older child. She focuses on prevention and the importance of the teeth and the mouth in the health of the whole person. Dr. Wang takes time to explain important concepts and talked with me extensively about how to help protect my daughters’ dental health. Faith, the front office coordinator, and the three other staff members I have met have also been excellent. After realizing how traditional dental and orthodontic care has had a negative impact on my own wellbeing, I am relieved to have found Molar Bear and plan to continue to use Dr. Wang for the whole family.

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